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There is no better time than now to travel. With the increased presence of budget airlines and competition, flight options can be found for a fraction of their previous prices with some travelers frequently purchasing airfare for under $500. Additional savings can be found using reward points on credit cards. For those looking to maximize savings in all ways, here are a few locations worth considering as a future travel destination.

Montreal, Canada

For American travelers, Canada provides a close option for vacation that doesn’t require an overseas flight. The favorable exchange rate gives the country additional appeal at a time when the dollar isn’t as strong as it has been in the recent past. Montreal, especially, as a classic old feel with elements of Paris throughout. To keep costs low, visitors should take advantage of the city’s murals, free museums, and churches, and stroll along the boardwalk of Old Port.

Also: Get a taste of the south by visiting the up and coming city of Houston, Texas, venture to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the art scene and nightlife while enjoying the exchange rate with the peso.

Xian, China

Xian, China is home to the Terracotta Army, a site that can be visited for only $23. Many of the cities attractions can be seen for less than $10, including entrance to the ancient walls which costs approximately $8. The same can be said for food, helping to keep meal prices under $15.

Also: In Amritsar, India, travelers will find the Golden Temple, an important center of the Sikh religion. Interested in heading to Thailand? Consider skipping Bangkok and instead traveling to Koh Lanta, Krabi for a less expensive and less crowded experience.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

When considering beautiful beach vacations, African countries should surely make the list, specifically Tanzania. Zanzibar may be expensive to reach, as flights to Africa do not go on sale as frequently as those to Europe, but once there, travelers will be able to stretch their dollars and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and fantastic food. Travelers looking to keep a bare-bones budget might consider staying in Stone Town and booking day trips.

Also: Dakar, Senegal may speak to visitors looking for a modern city and Marrakech for a relaxing, intensely cultural taste of Morocco with upscale meals without the high prices.