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I love when I’m able to merge two of my favorite things: travel and surfing. I was looking where to take my next trip the other day and I found myself drawn to the golden coast of California. There are so many beaches to go to but I’ve found these are the best four beaches for surfing.

Rincon Point, Santa Barbara
Just south of California’s Santa Barbara is one of the most famous spots for surfing. This isn’t a place for amateurs or someone who doesn’t enjoy a crowd out in the water. It’s smart to brush up on your surf etiquette before diving into these waters. Depending on the tide, your surf will always be unique. Rincon Point is also known for its stunning views you can’t find anywhere else.

Newport Beach
Newport Beach is located south of Los Angeles and is great for all levels of surfers. If you’re new to surfing, you’ll want to hang by the pier called “Blackies” for the easier waves. The jetties determine the wave size and the span along miles of beach. The jetties are named according to the street they’re adjacent to. It’s said that the best surfing can be found between 56th and Santa Ana River. Newport Beach is also the home to the world’s most iconic surf shop, The Frog House.

Surf Rider Beach, Malibu
This famous surf spot is known for its diversity in waves for all different levels. Even for those who prefer to watch from the sand, the people watching at this beach almost guarantees an A-list surfer spotting. Surfers from all over the world come to this beach as well as many celebrities.

Laguna Beach
This hidden secret is known only to the locals (and those of your reading this post). It’s found just south of Laguna, tucked away in the cliffs. The small amount of people who know if it know it as Thousand Steps. The name is a little misleading seeing how it can’t be anymore than 250 steps through the cliffs. These waves are for more advanced riders because if you fall, you’re going to fall hard.