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There are a few go-to months that everybody thinks about when they’re planning their next vacation: July for a summer getaway, April for a spring break, and December for a trip back home to see the family. But rarely does one think about traveling in November! If you’re looking for great travel deals, small crowds, and amazing experiences, then you must plan a your yearly getaway during the month of November.

When you’re wanting to sneak in a little more summer before the oncoming winter, then you’ll want to visit Jamaica in November. This pre-holiday season will get you cheap rates on luxury hotels, and you’ll miss out on all those holiday crowds that show up in December and January. You’ll be able to enjoy sunny, warm weather and beautiful beaches as you stave off those winter blues for little while longer.

If you’ve always dreamed of witnessing the Northern Lights for yourself, then Iceland is a must-go-to destination. While, yes, winter reigns in Iceland almost year round, November isn’t too cold, and if you love layering up and sipping hot drinks, you won’t mind the weather. And it’s also the best time of the year to see the Northern Lights.

During November, Australia has some great weather to enjoy as you sight see around Sydney or travel into the outback. The rainy season is still a few months away and temperatures are mild. As the seasons are reversed, November means that Aussies are shaking off winter and are beginning to enjoy outdoor music, food festivals, and of course, beaches—all of which you can enjoy with them!

The weather is Florida is perfect just about year round, except maybe at the height of summer in July! But November brings milder temperatures that are just hot enough so that you can still relax on the beach and sight see around Miami or Tampa Bay. The truly great thing about visiting Florida is November is that the crowds will have dissipated! With the kiddos back in school, the many theme parks in the state will be less crowded, which means you can ride all those roller coasters over and over without any waiting. The beaches will also be a little less empty, and you’ll find some great hotel rates.