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Jozef Dominguez

Explorer of the World

About Jozef Dominguez

Jozef Dominguez is a professional snowboarder, surfer, and world traveler. His goal in life is to live every day to its fullest, and his positive energy is contagious to everyone he meets.

He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the youngest of four brothers. Always full of spirit and with a strong taste for competition, he spent his childhood trying to keep up with his older siblings’ boundless energy. He discovered the joy of skateboarding when he was 11 years old and loved the freedom that it provided. Although he liked the easy, laid-back style of skateboarding with friends, he craved more excitement. He started entering himself in local skateboarding competitions, despite having no sponsorship. He continued on to compete in many professional boardr events and repeatedly placed as one of the top three national champions under the age of 13.

One major downside to living in Wisconsin is the changing of the seasons, and once winter rolled around, Jozef Dominguez could no longer enjoy his favorite outdoor sport. Fortunately, a friend introduced him to snowboarding and it was a life-changing moment. He described the sensation as “skateboarding on snow” and instantly fell in love. Luckily, there is no shortage of places to snowboard in Wisconsin, and it wasn’t long before Jozef developed a taste for snowboarding competitions as well as enjoying it recreationally.

He started competing in the Alpine State ski and snowboarding championships while still in high school and made it clear to all his friends that he would be a professional snowboarder someday. There was no reason to doubt his determination. He specifically chose Marquette University for its excellent ski and snowboarding clubs, as well as it’s academic programs. He spent four extraordinary years as a humanities major because he wanted to understand and interpret the human condition. He excelled academically, learning about humanity’s pursuit of knowledge and truth and loving how much school encouraged creative thinking. During his undergraduate career, he perfected his writing and reading skills and learned that it’s okay to ask questions about the world, but he never stopped pursuing his real dream, which was to become a professional snowboarder.

The path to becoming a professional snowboarder is a long and exhausting one. Jozef Dominguez had already spent years competing in local and USA Snowboard and Freeski Association events (USASA), which was getting his name recognition on the street. He also made sure to film a lot of videos displaying his best tricks and he promoted himself through his own youtube channel. He logged at least 100 days of practice every season and was resourceful enough to find himself a professional coach after hanging out at a local ski resort. Over the years, he developed a vast network of people within the industry and showed up to every conceivable competition, putting himself in the line of sight of sponsors with every win. Eventually, his extraordinary talent got him noticed by a major sponsor, and this was soon followed by many others. He then found an excellent manager who shared his vision and all his hard work had finally paid off. The same year he graduated college, he officially became a professional snowboarder.

Jozef Dominguez actually has three passions in life: snowboarding, surfing and travel. He discovered this by accident when he attempted to surf one day. He found that he instantly got the same feeling of exhilaration and freedom from surfing as he did from being on the slopes, so he decided to pursue professional surfing as well as snowboarding. He approached this new dream with the same discipline and determination as all his others. He signed up for surfing lessons, but it didn’t take long for him to outgrow the lakes of Wisconsin and start to crave something more challenging, which is when he started traveling around the world.

At first, he just relied on the local surfing community to share insights on how to find the best surfing spots. Eventually, he discovered there was an entire global online community of surfers who shared important information and travel tips with each other. He realized that the surfing community, much like snowboarding, is like a giant family, with each member joined together by a passion and love for a common theme.

Never fully satisfied, he now takes annual surfing trips, always to a new destination. While winter is reserved for snowboarding, it’s safe to say Jozef Dominguez eats, sleeps, and dreams surfing in the summer. He has literally surfed all over the world and says the reason he chooses a unique destination each time is so that he can experience his love of surfing in an unknown land. Each new destination adds to the charm and feels like discovering surfing for the first time all over again. His favorite place to surf so far has been Hawaii’s north shore, on the island of Oahu. Oahu is the proverbial heartbeat of surfing in Hawaii and the place to catch the perfect wave, so it makes sense that he would be drawn to this magical place.

Another island close to Jozef’s heart is Bali. The Uluwatu temple in Bali is not only famous for housing the world’s oldest Hindu temple, but it’s also known for its professional-level surfing. The majestic temple sits high above a giant cliff which overlooks the breaking waves and all of the surfers below.

There is another surfing favorite of Jozef’s in Queensland, Australia that is literally called Surfer’s Paradise. This resort is a year-round, 4-mile oasis along the Pacific Ocean that provides surfers with spectacular views and amazing competitions.

If you try to get him to narrow down his favorite snowboarding locales, he would have a hard time choosing. His first choice would be Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada because of its size and its breathtaking scenery. However, Breckenridge, Colorado is home to many elite ski and snowboard athletes, such as Mountain Dew tour competitors and former and aspiring Olympians. It’s easy to take in the challenging mountain terrain, Olympic-sized 22 foot half-pipe, and the 5 different terrain parks. Globally, Jozef’s favorite snowboarding memory would have to be his visit to Hokkaido, Japan. Half the joy of snowboarding is interacting with nature, and the other part is experiencing fresh powder. Japan has both, heightening the overall experience. Hokkaido is the undisputed powder capital of the world. It doesn’t have professional half-pipes like other places, but it has fun, easy terrain that is full of deep snow.

Another great advantage of traveling around the world is that Jozef Dominguez meets interesting people and hears their stories, in addition to creating his own. Jozef has countless adventures from his journeys, both good and bad, and he loves to recount his stories with friends and family. Many of his favorite memories come from meeting people with whom he’s had to communicate using nonverbal methods, due to language barriers. He is constantly being pleasantly surprised by the supremely kind nature of the human spirit, and how welcoming people are from all walks of life. He remembers taking a train ride in Moscow and sharing a car with an elderly Russian gentleman. As soon as the man realized he was entertaining a guest in his country, he pulled out a bottle of vodka and offered a toast. They spent six hours on the train together, bonding without the restriction of language, and hugged like family when it was time to say goodbye.

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