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Many Americans like to travel in comfort, but a luxury vacation may seem like a fantasy to travelers on a budget. Fortunately, planning a dream vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to save hundreds of dollars on what would otherwise be a very expensive trip.

The first big tip is to avoid other tourists by traveling during the off-season and staying out of touristy areas. Tourist traps are not only expensive but also frequently crowded, stressful, and poor examples of the actual culture. Another way to avoid fellow travelers is to choose a cheaper 5-star destination. Search for luxury destinations in a country that is relatively inexpensive to travel to and that has a good exchange rate. Emerging destinations like Istria, Croatia have very good deals compared to established sites like Tuscany, Italy.

The second area to save in is accommodation. Travelers who book hotels just outside the main hub of the city typically find much better prices. Another simple trick is to pick a 4-star hotel and then upgrade to the club floor. With the added perks, a club floor at a 4-star hotel is equivalent to a regular floor at a 5-star hotel. The experience will still be luxurious, but it will also be cheaper. Also, always book with the hotel directly, since it may offer better rates than an agency, plus two-day cancellation.

Third, eating at nice restaurants don’t have to be pricey. Some high-end restaurants are willing to serve just coffee or dessert after normal dinner hours. For an actual meal, consider going to an upscale place for lunch instead of dinner. Although the chef and service will be the same, the price will be much less.

Finally, scale back costs on fun activities by keeping an eye out for discounts. Many major cities offer a City Pass that provides fantastic discounts on museums and attractions. Groupon is another excellent site to find exciting deals. If spending the time to find good deals seems too tedious, use a travel agent. These people have the knowledge and skills to unearth deals that the average person searches for months to come across.

Experiencing a dream vacation doesn’t have to bankrupt travelers. With a few tips and tricks, almost anyone can enjoy a luxurious travel experience.