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Many of my friends consider me a nomad. I’ve been known to step off the beaten path and travel to far off places on a whim. Traveling allows you to open your mind to new things. You get the chance to experience other cultures different from your own. Most importantly, you learn things you never would have had the chance to learn if you stayed in one spot your whole life.

I often do my travels alone. Why? Because all the experiences and life lessons I just mentioned are intensified if you step out of your comfort zone and do things on your own. Here are just a few of the advantages of solo travel.

Better sense of self
Solo travel isn’t going to be a walk in the park. There will be many difficult decisions that arise, fears to overcome, and experiences that will show you who you truly are. You will grow as a human being and learn how to follow your heart. By putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, you’ll learn there is so much to discover of this beautiful planet and yourself.

It’s cheaper
Keeping up with your budget is much easier when you’re the decider of each and every activity you partake in. Traveling alone means there’s no one to peer pressure you into doing additional activities you didn’t financially plan for. While yes, those spontaneous activities often lead to great memories, it can also take a toll on your bank account.

Make new friends
If you’re traveling with someone you know, often times you won’t make the effort to talk to those around you. Traveling alone allows you to interact with the locals and make friendships all across the globe.

Everything is your choice
When you’re traveling with friends or family, you have to compromise on where you will be traveling to and what you will be doing. Traveling solo puts you in charge of your agenda. Wake up and realize you don’t want to do what you set out to do that day? No problem.

It’s a confidence booster
Teaching yourself how to read a map, navigate a busy city, speak the local language, or start a conversation with a stranger all make you a more confident person. Experiences will teach you hope to cope with hardships and obstacles. You learn to enjoy your own company and share it with others all at the same time.