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Traveling with a big group seems like a lot of fun – and it can be. But it can be even better when you follow these five simple tips to making group travel even more enjoyable!

Be Fair, Take a Vote
Even if you’re only out with a few people, getting everyone to agree with everything is going to be tough. It only gets harder the more people are involved. So poll your friends, find out what they want to do, and be willing to go with the majority or find fun compromises.

Big Goals, Open Spaces
You finally got everyone together, so it’s understandable that you’d want to pack as much into your vacation as possible. However, meticulously planning out every hour of every day can not only be stressful, but it can also sap the fun out of your time. Instead, have one or two big goals for the trip, and one “medium” goal per day. The open time leaves plenty of time for adventure, exploration, and surprises.

Plan for Rest & Relaxation
Conversely, you’ll also want to make sure that there’s plenty of time for a little R&R on your trip. If you plan too many ‘to-dos’ and not enough time for rest, your group will likely be burnt out after just one day!

Emphasize Open Communication
Keep everyone up-to-date on everything. From where to pick up rental cars to where to meet up, what hotel (or rental) you use to how much of cash they should plan to bring. Make sure that everyone in your group has a full itinerary and know about any backup plans and meet up places for if they get separated. You can easily send this out through texts, emails, or even print out copies and pass them out.

Rentals vs. Hotels vs. Resorts
When you’re traveling with a large group of people, accommodations can be tough. That’s why many people opt for rentals over hotels. This can be whole houses, apartments, beach homes, and so much more (even tents!) Resorts can also be preferable to hotels, and end up giving you more bang for your buck.

Just remember that fun, laughter, and a good time is more important than sticking to schedule!